Pupil Voice

At Bramley Church of England Primary School, we believe that our children’s voices are important and we endeavour to give them opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions and play an active role in the decisions that affect their learning and well-being. We work hard to promote a pupil voice in our school and we have many ways that the children can do this through a variety of groups.

The important roles that our pupils are leading and taking part in all play their part in promoting Pupil Voice at Bramley. Each role provides an excellent learning experience and a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to excel, take responsibility and gain knowledge and skills that will benefit them and all pupils in our school community immensely.

The role of Pupil Voice and the variety of opportunities we have for our pupils to share their thoughts and opinions in School, as well as contributing to our new Christian Vision and Values: Being confidently me, Showing kindness to all and Making a difference.


We are committed to ensuring that our school is eco-friendly and we want our children to take an active role in respecting the environment both within the school grounds and beyond the gates. Our Eco-Council is a new group and has been set up following the introduction of our new vision and will be supporting our drive to make a difference.


Play Leaders

Play Leaders spend parts of their lunch hour supporting children with their social and emotional needs. They are advocates of friendship, compassion and respect and are trained to solve simple peer conflict and also to know when to call on the support of an adult. They teach the younger children games to play and help all children follow the lunch time rules.  


House Captains

House Captains have an important role to play in the daily life of school. They reflect compassion, friendship and respect and work with senior leaders to ensure we are living our vision. This term, our House Captains have been responsible for showing round the Parents and Carers who attended our EYFS New Parents Open Mornings. They also play an important role in the daily Collective Worships, playing the music, handing out Gold Awards and supporting children who are celebrated each Friday.  


Equalities and Rights Advocates (EARA) group

The EARA group members will promote all of our values and help children to feel confidently me. They will be presenting in Collective Worship and in class lessons and are supporting in the planning of whole school equality days such as ‘Neurodiversity Day’. Some of the vehicles the pupils will be using to challenge and engage the school community, is an audit of the school library and visual environment regarding positive images of difference to include gender, race, religion and culture. Our EARA Team will be attending termly meetings of the Hampshire EARA group. This will provide the opportunity for the pupils to engage with other groups across Hampshire schools.


Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs)

Our JRSOs are making a difference by helping our young people to learn about how to stay safe when crossing roads and riding scooters or bikes or scooters. This term they have taken part in the JRSO training for two afternoons and enjoyed creating posters for the school and making their own JRSO T-shirts. The JRSOs have also created an action plan and are planning their first Whole School Collective Worship about the importance of Road Safety introducing their logo- ‘Be Bright. Be Seen.’


Bramley Librarians

Our Librarians were given training to ensure they can run the library effectively and are advocates of respect. They ensure the library remains tidy and accessible for all as well as using their organisational skills to keep the systems up to date. They will be working closely with the EARA group this year to ensure there are a diverse range of books available and support the Library Lead with the termly Library book display.