Welcome from the Executive Headteacher

Mr Glen Golding

Bramley Church of England Primary School is a school where the well-being, happiness and development (emotional, social and academic) of every child sit at the very heart of everything we do.

It is our belief that if a child feels happy and safe and that they are provided with experiences that inspire curiosity and imagination, then they will undoubtedly become reflective, resilient, life-long learners, ready for the future. As a Church of England School we use our core Christian values of Compassion, Friendship & Respect as a vehicle for children to learn about themselves, other people and the world around them. We are a school that prides itself on being inclusive. For every child we endeavour to provide the best support, care and guidance needed to help them to develop into the type of adult that any parent would be proud of; an adult that is equipped with all the necessary skills and behaviours to have a positive impact on society.


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Through our core Christian values of love, respect and courage we aim to ensure that our school is a place which enables children to have a positive purpose, to be reflective and resilient life-long learners, to achieve their best and to support one another in mutual respect.