Welcome to Bramley C of E Primary School. Please find below details on our staff. If you have any queries please contact the school office for assistance either in person, by phone on 01256 881339 or by email on

The School Leadership Team
Mr Glen Golding Executive Headteacher
Mr Steve Moore Head of School
Miss Kylie Thomson Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Sian Hanson Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Alison Tarrant School Business Manager
Mrs Emily Burningham Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator
Mrs Becky Bellemere EYFS Leader
Miss Chelsea Barrett Key Stage 1 Leader
Miss Lyndsay Denham Lower Key Stage 2 Leader
Miss Fern Meads Upper Key Stage 2 Leader
The Office and Site Team
Mrs Alison Tarrant School Business Manager
Mrs Karen Orriss McArthur Administration
Mrs Sarah Garvey Administration
Miss Abi Lewis Administration
Mr Jerir Toumi Site Manager
The Teaching Team
Miss Rowan Porter EYFS 
Mrs Becky Bellemere EYFS
Mrs Chelsea Barrett Year 1
Ms Jacqui Knight Year 1
Mrs Kate Polden Year 1
Mrs Anastasia Hadlow Year 1
Mrs Sophie Norgrove Year 1
Miss Erin Oliver Year 2
Miss Jess Mursell Year 2
Mr Luke Elkins Year 3
Mr Andrew Taylor Year 3
Miss Rosanna Humphries Year 4
Miss Lyndsey Denham Year 4
Mrs Rachel Beasley Year 5
Mr Harry Devon Year 5
Mrs Fern Meads Year 6
Miss Jane Derry Year 6
Miss Lorna Bigrave Cover Teacher
Mrs Wendy Davies Cover Teacher
Mrs Becky Kirby HLTA
Mrs Steph De Redenat-Strange HLTA
Mrs Fiona Draper HLTA
Mrs Helen Macgourley HLTA
Mrs Tracey Mardell HLTA
Mrs Kate Mitchell HLTA
Mrs Tracey Merryweather HLTA
Mrs Sally Stickland HLTA
The Learning Support Team
Miss Sabrina Gerber Learning Support Partner
Miss Chloe Hammond Learning Support Partner
Mrs Kim Searle Learning Support Partner
Mrs Juliet Barbour Learning Support Partner
Mrs Natalie Buckingham Learning Support Partner
Mrs Sarah Rudman Learning Support Partner
Mrs Jenny Large Learning Support Partner
Mrs Alison Pitch Learning Support Partner
Mrs Lakshmi Smithers Learning Support Partner
Mrs Elena Barcena Learning Support Partner
Mrs Amanda Harvey Learning Support Partner
Mrs Kate Howarth Learning Support Partner
Mrs Lizzie Chard Learning Support Partner
Mrs Karolina Hartwell Learning Support Partner
Mrs Leanne Day Learning Support Partner
The Lunchtime Team
Mrs Sarah Garvey Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Gloria Birks Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jenny Durrant Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Lisa Bydile Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Abi Lewis Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jenni Neilson Lunchtime Supervisor