Collaboration Schools

Bramley C of E Primary School is part of a Collaboration of schools with the Bishopswood Federation and Whitewater C of E primary School.

As a collaboration, we work closely together to share resources and expertise in order to provide the highest standards of teaching and learning possible. At a time when schools nationally are facing many challenges, we operate the belief that we are stronger together.

Collaboration is a vital tool in the school improvement arsenal. It allows us to share expertise across our schools to ensure the best outcomes for all of our children. We are able to share staff, enabling our staff to broaden their experiences and encourage staff retention whilst sharing best practice.

Working together, we are able to share costs allowing us to provide more opportunities for our children.

Each of the collaboration schools have their own unique personality, we are able to maintain our individuality whilst benefiting from working collaboratively under the leadership of Mr Glen Golding our Executive Headteacher.

For more information on our Collaboration schools please click on the links below;

Whitewater C of E Primary
We are a small village Church School, who are fully committed to developing and challenging the creativity, courage and fellowship of every child so that they achieve their full potential in all areas of life.

We do this by nurturing pro-active and independent learners who strive for greatness, are curious about the world around them and show respect for themselves and others.

Whitewater website

The Bishopswood Federation
Bishopswood Infant and Junior schools share a site in the Tadley community. We are very proud of our schools and the ethos that we have towards young children. In our schools, all children are cared for not only in their learning but also in their wellbeing. Creating a caring, motivating, learning environment where children can flourish and succeed is our aim. Our staff are all committed to ensuring each child is given the help and support they need to make the most of their time in school and achieve success both academically and personally.

Bishopswood schools website