Year 2

Welcome to Year 2
In Year 2, we work hard to develop the skills our children have already begun to learn on their journey through the school. These include phonics, reading, writing in sentences and number work. We also build upon what they have learnt in their topics to ensure children can make links between the concepts they study.

To begin the year, our topic is The Great Fire of London. During this topic, children will begin to understand how long ago this event took place and what has changed since. They will solve problems about why the fire happened and become town planners to propose changes to London in 1666 to make it a safer place to live. We will finish the topic by staging a ‘Great Fire of Bramley’.

In Autumn 2, our topic is Around the World in 60 Days. This topic takes the children all around the globe, looking at where the continents are, what features you would see there and what life is like. We look closely at the habitats in the different continents and what animals live there as a result, making links when possible.

After Christmas, Year 2 learn about The Titanic. During this half term, the children discover what life was like on board the ship, find out about its journey and have a go at some of the pursuits of the crew and passengers. In this topic, we have the opportunity to go to the Seacity Museum in Southampton to learn more about the effect this event had on the local area.

In Spring 2, our topic is Check Out Our Style. In this topic, children learn about the local designer, Burberry and become designers themselves. They work to create a design and template for a bag and then use this to create their final product using fabric. They then put their designs to the test to see if it meets the purpose given.

During Summer 1, Year 2 learn about survival. We find out what humans and animals need to survive and through this use the school grounds to think about how animals survive there. We also attend a survival day at The Gordon Brown Centre to see what it takes to survive in the wild!

To finish the year, our topic is Through the Decades. In this topic, we learn about the changes which have taken place in this country since the 1950s. We study technology, clothes, housing and music to name just a few areas. The children decide which decades they think were the best and make comparisons between them. To finish the year, we have a party to celebrate the different decades.

Year 2 Parent information evening September 2023



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