Year 1

Welcome to Year 1
In Year 1 we work hard to make sure the children have a smooth transition from Year R. We build on their learning experiences and work in a similar way to Year R for the first term whilst developing their independent learning skills and ensuring they make progress in all the different areas of the new curriculum. We put a great emphasis on outdoor learning and make sure children have plenty of opportunities to explore and engage outside with their friends as well as take part in learning activities.

During our Autumn term we will be focusing on history and geography. In Autumn 1 our topic is 'How are our toys different from those in the past?' We will be learning about toys past and present and how they have changed. In Autumn 2 our topic is 'Where would you rather live Australia or Bramley?' We will be learning all about Australia and about Bramley too and comparing the similarities and differences.

During the Spring term we will be learning about Space and animals. In Spring 1 our topic is 'What is it like to be an astronaut?' We will be learning about Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong and comparing them. As well as this we will be learning about the planets and our solar system. We will also be visiting the Winchester Science Museum to enhance our learning and we will watch a show in the planetarium there. In Spring 2 our topic is 'What is the most amazing animal?' We will be finding and writing facts about the different animals. We will be making papier mache faces of animals and making our own game too.

During the Summer term we will be learning and planting and growing and farm life. In Summer 1 we will be learning about the life cycle of trees on plants. We will be doing a lot of outdoor learning identifying all of the growing plants around our school. In Summer 2 we will be going on our school trip to a farm learning about where our food comes from and what different farm animals purposes are. We will also be comparing farm life in the past and how machines have changed.

We have lots of fun in Year 1 and love to learn and play together. To find out more information about what we are doing this term, please click on the links below.

Year 1 Parent information evening September 2023

Termly Overview
To find out more about what we are doing this term please click the link below.

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