Welcome to Year R
In Year R we work hard to make sure the transition into school is as seamless as possible for both children and parents. This success is based on developing a close partnership with parents and Pre- schools, understanding children’s interests and needs, both before, during and moving into Year 1.

We provide opportunities for learning in a happy, safe and caring environment. The children are given a wide variety of experiences enabling them to build their self-esteem and independence. They learn through play in an interactive and exciting setting that encourages them to explore and make sense of their own surroundings. They have access to both the indoor and outdoor areas whatever the weather to support their learning. Every child is valued as an individual and challenged appropriately throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Early Years Aspirations
In Early years we work toward 3 different aspiratons throughout the school year, dipping into different parts of each aspiration each term, please find the aspirations below:

EYFS Aspiration 1

EYFS Aspiration 2

EYFS Aspiration 3

Isolation Learning
Please find below home learning packs for during any isolation.