Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

In Year 2 we work hard to build upon the key reading, writing and maths skills that the children have gained from their previous schooling and begin to develop their fluency in these areas. Through our topic based curriculum the children are able to make links between their learning in different subjects and apply skills they have learnt in new contexts.

During the first autumn term we will be finding out ‘How do we survive?’ by finding out about what humans and animals need in order to survive. This will lead onto how we stay healthy and finding out about Florence Nightingale and the contributions she made to nursing. In the second half on the autumn term we will be finding out ‘Why won’t the Great Fire of London happen again?’ The children will be learning about the events and causes of the fire. They will also be comparing firefighting then and now.

We are enthusiastic about learning in Year 2 and enjoy a challenge!

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Year 2 Topic Synopsis Autumn 1

Year 2 Topic Synopsis Autumn 2

Year 2 topic synopsis Spring 1


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Parents presentation Year-2